Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival
Award Ceremony

The 3rd Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival Concluded in Frankfurt, Germany
On the evening of the 22nd September, local time, the Closing & Awards Ceremony of the 3rd Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival was held in Frankfurt, Germany, Through the four stages of preliminary assessment, initial evaluation, pre- selection, and final evaluation, after 3 months' hard work the selection committee composed of 37 experts of the documentary industry from 21 countries, eventually selected 9 award winners,including 3 films from France, two from Italy and one respectively from Canada, China, the United Kingdom and Brazil. Among them, the French documentary THE SON won the 2018 "Golden Tree" award, and the Chinese documentary A PURPOSE BUILT SCHOOL directed by Jia Ding won the Best Long Documentary award.

Award Winning Films:

Best Long Documentary Award



Best Medium-length Documentary Award



Best Short Documentary Award



Best Mini Documentary Award

United Kingdom

Best Director Award



Best Editing Award



Best Camera Work Award


2018 Golden Tree Award

Special Award of the Organizing Committee



Message from Ms. Wang Libin at the Closing Ceremony
Dear guests and friends,
Good evening everybody!
There is an old saying in China that goes "All good things come to an end." Me standing here tonight means that the third Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival is coming to an end too.
These days I have been thinking.The Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival has turned 3 years old. From 387 films from 37 countries with 6 awards, 7 forums, 13 judges, 27 experts in the first session, over 1017 films from 92 countries 6 award-winning films, six forums, 14 judges and 26 experts in the second session, to now with a total of 4034 films from 125 countries including 9 award-winning films, six forums and 45 judges, 37 experts and planning to invest in 9 films. 
Does it violate the original intention of the Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival?
What is a good documentary?
Can the Golden Tree Festival carry and solve the pain of documentary producers?
Where is the future of documentary films?
In the last days I felt the infinite charm of documentaries. Although I don't understand the language, when I saw the trailer from an Indian lady, I burst into tears. I understood it and was moved. When I saw that Mr. Skatchkov, Ms. Stephenson, Ms. Bree, Ms. Eva, Ms. Shawn Simon gave up their rest and discussed all the films over and over again, how grateful I was inside; When I participated the forum and heard the confusion and helplessness of our experts and listeners in the face of the multicultural world, I couldn't help grabbing the microphone and telling them the truth, actually there are endless opportunities in front of them.
I want to tell you that different cultures are a divide, and its future is boundless. The Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival aims to build a bridge across the cultural divide. This is why the Golden Tree Festival takes the exploring of "Roots of Culture" as its theme.
The final judges of the 3rd Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival have already given a consensus view. The judges of each session will give such consensus and sign all of them. At the 10th Golden Tree International Documentary Festival, they will be published.
Now I sincerely invite an expert or a professional Institute to research the 21 award-winning films since the first session of this Festival. The result will be published as a book at the 4th Golden Tree International Documentary Festival next year. I hope this year this task can be done by experts from the same country. Maybe Germany maybe Canada or France, and for the next time it comes to another country. No matter from which country the experts come from, they must give a professional study and comments. Such research and evaluation will be conducted every two years thereafter. 
In addition, from the fourth edition, we will organize the views of the guests participating in the forum, and then publish a book and share it with the people of the documentary industry around the world.
The 4th Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival will be held in Frankfurt from September 25th to 28th, 2019. Official registration will begin on October 1st. Please visit the Golden Tree International Documentary Festival website for details. We hope that the 4th Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival will bring you more opportunities.
Finally, I want to tell my friends that the Golden Tree Organizing Committee will serve you for 365 days.
We will see you next year.
Wang Libin

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