Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival
Competition Rules
The 7th Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival in 2022
Film Competition Details

  1. Subject, time and place
Theme for 2022: Culture Roots: Face nature.
Use the lens to record the beauty or pain of human beings in the face of the gift or punishment of nature, explore the influence on the root of culture, and present different civilizations to the world.
Registration time: from January 10, 2022 to June 30, 2022
Place of award: Paris, France

  1. Awards and prizes
2.1 Golden Tree, Prize 5,000 Euro 
2.2 Best Feature Documentary, Prize 5,000 Euro
2.3 Best Medium-length Documentary, Prize 2,000 Euro
2.4 Best Short Documentary, Prize 2,000 Euro
2.5 Best Director, Prize 1,500 Euro
2.6 Best Cinematography, Prize 1,500 Euro
2.7 Best Completion of GFP, Prize 1,000 Euro

  1. Competition rules:
3.1 Genre: Documentary
3.2 Theme: Culture Roots: Face nature.
3.3 Length definition
Feature documentary: more than 60 minutes
Medium-length documentary: 20-60 minutes (including 60 minutes)
Short documentary: under 20 minutes (including 20 minutes)
3.4 Registration fee: free
3.5 Production completion time: after January 1, 2019
The registered film must be a completely finished documentary film. All films shall not contain any elements that are hostile to other countries, cause religious or ethnic conflicts etc., and shall not cover pornography, violence and racial discrimination.
3.6 Subtitle language: All registered films must come with English subtitles.
3.7 Written materials: the film introduction and director introduction should be provided in English, and other languages’ versions are optional.
3.8 Photo information:1 HD poster, 3-5 Stage Photos (within 10MB).
3.9 Video data: High-definition full film and trailers (English subtitles); format is MP4, compressed within 10G; the picture can be watermarked without blocking the picture.
3.10 Tailors: at least 1 trailer is required.
3.11 How to register
Registration method 1: applicants can complete registration through this website, and upload full films, videos, clips, posters and other materials. 
Registration method 2: Applicants can save all the film registration materials to Baidu Netdisk (  , then get the link and password from encrypted sharing the folder containing the materials, and send the link and password to the Organizing Committee via email ( The subject of the email should be as [film name + submission date], for example XXXX+20220301, and the Organizing Committee will reply to confirm after receiving the email.
Notices for registration:

  • The major purpose of the Golden Tree Festival is to promote the copyright transaction of documentary films. Based on the documentary film database, with the process of "Exhibition · Promotion · Exchange · Transaction", the Golden Tree Festival will hold various activities, including film exhibitions, industry forums, special events, copyright transactions, cooperative production, signing ceremonies, and commercial Investment, covering the entire chain of business.
  • The Golden Tree Festival does not set restrictions on geographics or director qualifications, and excellent documentary works that fit the theme from all over the world can participate in the film competition fairly.
  • The Golden Tree Festival provides a good trading environment and invites film buyers and investment institutions to participate. After the entries pass the preliminary review, regardless of whether they are awarded or not, they will have the opportunity to get the attention of buyers, investors, and cooperative institutions.
  • Applicants (participants), including but not limited to directors, producers, distributors or related organizations, shall ensure the authenticity, completeness, and accuracy of the registration information, and bear the legal liability arising from false information. 
  • Applicants participating in the Golden Tree Festival are required to provide basic information such as feature films, tailors, posters, stills, film introductions, director introductions, etc. Application materials will not be returned and will be retained by the Organizing Committee for archival purposes. These materials will be used for jury review and Golden Tree Festival promotion. Due to the needs of review and promotion, the Organizing Committee has the right to disseminate and broadcast the above information on Internet and in theater within the corresponding period, as well as the right to print and publish relevant text and image materials. Applicants that register for the 7th GTIDFF agree to accept the aforementioned terms and conditions as well as allow us to use their registered email address for contact purposes.
  • The applicant shall guarantee the authenticity, completeness and accuracy of the application materials, and bear the legal responsibility arising from the false information. All competition materials will not be returned. The Organizing Committee has the right to copy the competition films for use only in accordance with the purposes of Golden Tree Festival.
  • Applicants (individuals or institutions) must own all copyrights or licensing of the film. In addition, the applicant should ensure that the film does not involve any copyright disputes. If there is any dispute over the copyright of the film, the applicant will bear full responsibility.
  • Registering to the 7th Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival competition unit means accepting all the above terms and conditions, and allowing us to use the registered email address for contact.
3.12   Screening and business cooperation
3.12.1 If the film is selected to screen at the festival, the applicant must provide a high-definition version of MP4 or DCP format files. The Organizing Committee does not pay any fees of screening, nor shipping, traveling, entertainment costs.
3.12.2 If you are a sales agent and are interested in submitting a customer's documentary project to us, please contact us directly via email.
3.12.3 Due to the needs of review and promotion, the Organizing Committee has the right to disseminate and broadcast the above information on Internet and in theater within the corresponding period, as well as the right to print and publish relevant text and image materials. Applicants that register for the 7th GTIDFF agree to accept the aforementioned terms and conditions
3.13 Review
3.13.1 Composition of the jury: The jury is composed of 44 experts, scholars and professionals from all over the world, divided into the preliminary jury (30), the pre-selection jury (7) and the final jury (7).
3.13.2 Shortlist: After preliminary evaluation and pre-selection, no less than 50 films will be shortlisted.
3.13.3 Awards: The final jury selects the award-winning films from the shortlisted films, and submits the result to the Organizing Committee to announce during the Golden Tree Festival.
3.13.4 Award ceremony: The closing and award ceremony will be held in Paris, France.
3.14 Official release and contact information
Official website in English
Official website in Chinese
Organizing Committee: Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival Organizing Committee (China) Office
Address: 709, Cultural Park, No. 8A Xinglongzhuang, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Organizing Committee 
January 10, 2022