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The 7th Festival
        The Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival (GTIDFF) was founded in 2016. In every autumn, GTIDFF aims to gather global attention and focuses its lens on spreading documentaries which are derived from different places, different periods of history, and different cultures across continents. It also explores the distinctions among different civilizations around the world. GTIDFF has become the bridge to connect East with West and the platform to share documentary industry information.
        The live event of the 7th Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival is planned to be held in Paris.

  1. Title
Full: Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival
Short: Golden Tree Festival
Abbreviation: GTIDFF

  1. Theme
Culture Roots:Face nature. Use the lens to record the beauty or pain of human beings in the face of the gift or punishment of nature, explore the influence on the root of culture, and present different civilizations to the world.
  1. Units Setting
The Golden Tree Festival has units such as film competition, Golden Fruit Plan pitching, opening ceremony and documentary night, film screening, theme forum, round table conference, closing and award ceremony.
3.1 Film Competition
3.1.1 Registration starts on January 10, 2022 and closes on June 30,2022.
3.1.2 Evaluation process has three stages: preliminary evaluation, pre-selection and final jury.
3.1.3 The jury group is composed of 44 experts, scholars and professionals from all over the world, divided into a preliminary jury (30), a pre-selection jury (7) and a final jury (7).
3.1.4 Awards announcement: The final winning films will be announced at the closing and award ceremony.
3.1.5 Other information refers to "Film Competition Details".
3.2 Golden Fruit Plan pitching
The Golden Fruit Plan is a collaboration between the Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival and Arkana Film Studio in Poland to discover and cultivate new stars in the documentary industry and help young documentarians "diagnose" their works through one-on-one training, covering the entire process of script editing, production, initial shooting, production plan and trailer editing.
The training effectively helps young documentarians improve their professional ability and cross-cultural understanding, so that newcomers to documentaries can strengthen cultural communication between countries and deepen their understanding of the needs of international audiences in creative exchanges and cooperation.
3.2.1 Purpose of the plan: the Golden Fruit Plan is a supportive training and outstanding project funding plan aimed at discovering and cultivating young directors in the documentary industry.
3.2.2 Participation qualifications: young documentary directors from all over the world.
3.2.3 Training: The proposals that pass the preliminary selection will receive one-on-one training from the tutors invited by GTIDFF.
3.2.4 Funding: Each year, the Golden Tree Festival will fund 500 Euro for each of the 4 winning proposals.
3.2.5 Investment: Golden Tree Festival will introduce investment funds to invest all or part of outstanding projects.
3.2.6 Other information refers to the "Golden Fruit Plan Details”.
3.3 Opening Ceremony and Documentary Night
The opening ceremony of the 7th Golden Tree Festival will be held in Paris, France, and an exchange reception will follow the ceremony.
3.4 Film screening
During the Golden Tree Festival, 20 shortlisted films will be selected for screening, and the creative teams will be invited to the scene to share the story behind the creation of the documentary with the audience face to face. At the same time, the films would also be shown in schools, communities, small theaters and other places for free. Online screening would be held in the column of Golden Tree Festival on famous online video platforms.
3.5 Forum
During the Golden Tree Festival, 4 documentary-themed international forums will be held in Paris, France, including 2 youth forums and 2 summit forums.
3.6 Round table meeting
During the Golden Tree Festival, a number of thematic round tables will be arranged, covering multiple sub-topics such as technical cooperation, business cooperation, investment, and procurement.
3.7 Closing and Award Ceremony
The 7th Golden Tree Festival has 7 awards including the Golden Tree Award, the Best Feature Documentary Award, the Best Medium-length Documentary Award, the Best Short Documentary Award, the Best Director Award, the Best Cinematography Award, and the Best Completion of GFP Award. The closing and award ceremony will be held in Paris, France.

  1. Information Release
Official website in Chinese
Official website in English

  1. Contact information
Organizing Committee: Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival Organizing Committee (China) Office
Address: 709, Guoben Culture Building, No. 8A Xinglongzhuang, Chaoyang District, Beijing

  1. Copyright
The major purpose of the Golden Tree Festival is to promote the copyright transaction of documentary films. Based on the documentary film database, with the process of "Exhibition · Promotion · Exchange · Transaction", the Golden Tree Festival will hold various activities, including film exhibitions, industry forums, special events, copyright transactions, cooperative production, signing ceremonies, and commercial Investment, covering the entire chain of business.
6.1 The Golden Tree Festival does not set restrictions on geographics or director qualifications, and excellent documentary works that fit the theme from all over the world can participate in the film competition fairly.
6.2 The Golden Tree Festival provides a good trading environment and invites film buyers and investment institutions to participate. After the entries pass the preliminary review, regardless of whether they are awarded or not, they will have the opportunity to get the attention of buyers, investors, and cooperative institutions.
6.3 Applicants (participants), including but not limited to directors, producers, distributors or related organizations, shall ensure the authenticity, completeness, and accuracy of the registration information, and bear the legal liability arising from false information. 
6.4 Applicants participating in the Golden Tree Festival are required to provide basic information such as feature films, tailors, posters, stills, film introductions, director introductions, etc. Application materials will not be returned and will be retained by the Organizing Committee for archival purposes. These materials will be used for jury review and Golden Tree Festival promotion. Due to the needs of review and promotion, the Organizing Committee has the right to disseminate and broadcast the above information on Internet and in theater within the corresponding period, as well as the right to print and publish relevant text and image materials. Applicants that register for the 7th GTIDFF agree to accept the aforementioned terms and conditions as well as allow us to use their registered email address for contact purposes.

  1. Right of interpretation
All terms and conditions of the Golden Tree Festival are interpreted by the Golden Tree Festival Organizing Committee. The "General Provisions" and other "Details" and "Brochures" constitute the guidance documents of the Golden Tree Festival. The documents are composed of Chinese and English versions and have the same effect. The Golden Tree Festival Organizing Committee has the right to deal with all other matters not covered in the guidance documents. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to supplement and modify the terms and conditions to deal with some special circumstances. The supplements and modifications to the guidance documents will be publicly posted on the official website, and the effective time will be clearly indicated. Participants have the right to withdraw from this activity if they do not accept supplements and modifications.
Organizing Committee
January 10, 2022