Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival
Opening Ceremony


The world’s first overseas Documentary Film Festival hosted by Chinese people has officially opened

On the evening of October 15th, the first Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival finally opened its doors in Frankfurt / Germany. This was the first overseas Documentary Film Festival hosted and organized by Chinese people. More than one hundred Chinese and foreign guests from all walks of life attended the opening ceremony and watched documentaries from China and India at the event site.

(Picture of Opening Ceremony)

(Picture of Film Screen)

Message from The President Ms. Wang Libin at the Opening Ceremony

 My dear friends:
It's my pleasure to meet you all on such a wonderful day at this new and young Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival.
The idea that would later become the Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival was first conceived in 2011, and since then, the Festival has been born and is now growing and developing rapidly.
We have enjoyed the enthusiastic participation of many thinkers from five different continents, including France, Germany, China, Italy, Greece, Israel, India, Senegal, Mexico, Brazil, Canada and the United Kingdom. We have received the positive support of experts in the field of documentaries from all over the world. We are moved by their noble thoughts, unique opinions and hard work, and strive to follow their example.
The Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival, with the theme of Man & Nature, follows visions and the roots of culture to explore the source of culture using the lens of a camera. Films that are rooted in a particular place, history, or culture, are spread from one continent to another, to explore exchanges and mutual learning between civilizations.
We hope that, through the Golden Tree Intemational Documentary Film Festival and the Golden Tree's Internet platform, we can connect the documentary industry of the East and the West. Through our services, we help documentaries complete transactions, facilitate the exchange and cooperation between documentary makers and capital and help documentary makers be proud.
Welcome to the Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival!


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