Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival
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About Golden Tree
Introduction to the Golden Tree International Documentary Festival
The Golden Tree International Documentary Festival, held in Europe every autumn, aims to bring the world's eyes together and spread films based on a certain place, a certain period of history and a certain culture from one continent to another, to explore the cultural origins of different civilizations around the world, and to promote exchanges and mutual learning.
"Endless" national bounded, culture, the documentary as the important carrier of cultural exchange among countries, gold tree international documentary film festival Nearly the world's top experts and scholars support, tens of thousands of professionals participated in hundreds of countries, with screening, awards, BBS, investment, trade and exchange activities, become a documentary bounded connected bridge between east and west and platforms.
Golden Tree International Documentary Festival invites documentaries from all over the world to participate in the festival without setting a threshold. It advocates documentary directors and producers to use unique perspectives to shoot, advocates personalized and innovative themes, and provides a platform for equal communication and win-win development for documentaries from all over the world. The uniqueness is an important bridge for cross-cultural communication.