Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival
The Enrolling of GTGFP
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Method of Enrolment
1.Fill in the attached form below.
2.Hand in a 3-minutes trailer, format: MP4, English subtitle will be required if the film is not in English.
3.Introduction of the proposal (including the proposal and team information), format: PPT or PDF.
4.Hand in the stills or posters (if available)
5.E-mail registration
Contact Person:Dorota Roszkowska                    
Phone number:+48 604 579 333
Contact Person: Hans Wang
Contact email :
Phone number: 0086 13381277999
Attached File: 2021 Golden Fruit Plan - Pitch Registration Form  
2021 Golden Fruit Plan - Pitch Registration Form
Proposer’s information
Name Nationality
Email address Phone number
Team information
Director Contact information
Team introduction
Project information
Film title Country
Beginning time of film shooting Expected date of completion
Duration Language
Budget Financed
Project Introduction
This project is directed by
If this piece is director’s(please tick along with your situation) If it is your second piece of work, please make a simple introduction about the first one.
First work (  )
Second work (  )

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